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Smeltzer Orchard Co.
Frankfort, MI 49635

Smeltzer Orchard Company has been processing fruit and vegetables for over 50 years in Benzie County, Michigan. We process tart cherries, sweet cherries, apples, and apple juice. We also dry a variety of products.

In July we start processing cherries and continue through August with around 200 employees. We hire day and night production crews that work 10 hours or more per day. We also have a third shift sanitation crew working seven days a week.

The apple processing season starts in September and lasts until March or April, depending on the year. Our apple and apple juice production requires 90 employees, generally working two 8 hour shifts and a third shift sanitation crew. Our drying operation requires 8 workers that are spread over a 5-day work week, working nearly year around. Workers are needed for a variety of jobs such as, but not limited to; sorting, packaging, stacking, sanitation, and forklift driving.

We pay a competitive hourly rate, and pay overtime for everything over 40 hours per week. All workers must be 18 years old or an emancipated minor. Payday is Friday for all hours worked the previous week, with the work week starting on Sunday.

No company housing is available, but there is housing available at local farms.

If interested contact:

Jose Ragel
E Mail:
Voice: (231) 922-3728
Fax:(231) 922-3737

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