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N J Fox & Sons Inc
Shelby, MI 49455
Oceana County

N J Fox & Sons Inc is a large family farm growing primarily fruit and some vegetables in Oceana County. They harvest over 1500 acres of fruit crops each year, including: 100 acres of asparagus, 500 acres of cherries, 400 acres of apples, 100 acres of pears, and 100 acres of peaches. This requires a large workforce. They employ approximately 40 people year round and another 80 to 100 seasonally. The N J Fox family has been farming in Oceana county for 60 years. They also operate a trucking company, a fresh apple packing facility, and a tart cherry processing plant. These other businesses employ another 30 to 40 seasonal employees. The business is managed by family members, and by employees who have been working on the farm for many years.

Work: The majority of the labor that is required during a season is harvest labor. Employees are paid piece rate competitively for the crops of asparagus, sweet cherries, peaches, pears, and apples. During the breaks between crops many of the workers are offered hourly work on the farm, doing tasks such as tree trimming, field preparation etc.

Season: The season begins with asparagus harvest, early May, and the need for labor grows throughout the season from the 20 or so that harvest asparagus to the peak of 100 during apple harvest. During July the second wave of help is needed when line workers are added for the cherry plant, and hand harvesters for the sweet cherry orchards. The final wave begins the end of August with the start of pears. The pear harvest leads into apples without a break. The season finishes in early November.

Wages: N J Fox & Sons Inc offers competitive wages on a piece rate basis. They also guarantee Michigan's minimum wage for work in the plant and for odd jobs on the farm. Their piece rate staff has been able to surpass this level easily over the years. N J Fox & Sons Inc have always been and will in the future be amongst the highest paying employers of piece rate labor in the area.

Housing: N J Fox & Sons Inc are very proud of the housing that they provide for their seasonal staff. The housing is all inspected, by the state housing inspector. Employees are asked to put down a deposit and to pay for the utilities. Most of the buildings are single story apartment structures, with two bedrooms.

Oceana county has many opportunities for employment during the summer months and throughout the fall. Please consider extending your stay this summer to include the apple harvest in Oceana County.

If interested contact:
Catalina Burillo
E Mail:
Voice: (231) 861- 2162
Fax:(231) 861-6300
195 North Michigan Avenue
Shelby, MI 49455