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VanSickle Farms
Hart, MI. 49420
Oceana County

VanSickle Farms started in 1964. Crops grown by VanSickle Farms are asparagus, pickles, carrots, and butternut squash, on occassion. Ten workers are needed for asparagus harvest, and approximately 15 to 20 workers are needed for pickles.

Type of Work: Employees perform the following types of work: asparagus picking on a rider, some hoeing of pickles, followed by picking pickles, hand-picking squash, and washing carrots.

Harvest Time: Asparagus is harvested in the months of May and June. Hoeing takes place in July. Beginning in August through mid-September, pickles are hand-picked. The squash is hand-picked in October. Carrots are washed from October through November.

Wages: Asparagus is paid at a piece work rate (by the lb.) In 2006, workers averaged $10.00-$12.00 per hour. Hoeing is paid hourly at $7.40 per hour. This employer is subject to Unemployment Taxes and is a Worker's Compensation provider.

Housing: VanSickle Farms has approved housing and can accomodate both families and singles. Employees pay for electricity. Other housing amenities include: satellite TV and telephone (paid by the employees). When workers work elsewhere and continue living in the housing, utilities are charged. There is also a laundry room at the "camp".

The Hart Telamon Migrant Head Start is within 2/10 of a mile from the housing. Health care is also easily accessible.

If interested contact:
Catalina Burillo
E Mail:
Voice: (231) 861- 2162
Fax:(231) 861-6300
195 North Michigan Avenue
Shelby, MI 49455