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Leo Dietrich & Sons LLC
Conklin, MI 49403

Leo Dietrich & Sons, LLC is located about 9 miles west of Sparta, Michigan. We are a family owned and operated fruit farm that grows 400 acres of apples and over 100 acres of Sweet and Tart cherries. Our growing season begins in mid-April with the planting and training of young dwarf apple and cherry trees. The summer months include picking fresh sweet cherries and packing, as well as summer pruning and training of apple trees. There is also machine work involving our tart cherry harvest and summer orchard maintenance. Our apple harvest begins at the start of September and lasts thru October. During this time we will employ 60-80 employees.

We have housing licensed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture. picture of Dietrich farm Our housing is provided free of charge and are self contained. We also have a separate building for laundry. Our farm is located three miles for a day care center and migrant health services are only 10 miles from our housing.

We guarantee $7.40 per hour. Our starting pay is $7.40 per hour, depending on experience. Our apples are most often picked by the bin. Employees are covered by Workers compensation and we are on a weekly pay schedule. We have employed family and single persons in the past and look forward to building working relationships with our employees.

If interested contact:

Olivia Alvarado
E Mail:
Voice: (616) 887-2508
Lena Castaneda
E Mail:
Voice: (616) 887-2589

Fax:(616) 887-2791

Michigan Works!
36 Applewood Drive
Sparta, MI 49345